South African Vaccination & Immunisation Centre (SAVIC) is a public-private-academic alliance between the NDoH, the vaccine industry, academic institutions and other stakeholders, with its activities undertaken in close collaboration with the NDoH, NESI, the WHO and its partners. SAVIC was established to strengthen collaborations between academics, the NDoH, the vaccine industry and other stakeholders, with the overall aim of supporting immunisation services.

Although there are a number of players in the field of vaccines and immunisation, SAVIC has a unique aim of strengthening immunisation programmes by bridging the gap through cascading of up-to-date vaccine-related information to the community and operational-level staff with various innovative outreach programmes. Thus, SAVIC creates a platform whereby experts from universities, the NDoH and provincial departments of health, the vaccine industry, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and public-private partnerships interact in a joint effort to improve public health programmes concerning VPDs.


An African continent free of vaccine-preventable diseases.


Committed to increasing knowledge on vaccine-preventable diseases and improving the quality and Sustainability of immunisation services.