Increasing hepatitis B vaccination coverage of healthcare workers—global lessons for South Africa

Burnett RJ, Dramowski A, Amponsah-Dacosta E, Meyer JC

Current Opinion in Immunology 71, 6-12

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Impact of Lamivudine-Based Antiretroviral Treatment on Hepatitis B Viremia in HIV-Coinfected South Africans.

Lukhwareni A, Gededzha MP, Amponsah-Dacosta E, Blackard JT, Burnett RJ, Selabe SG, Kyaw T, Mphahlele MJ.

Viruses. 2020;12(6):E634. doi: 10.3390/v12060634.

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Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Hesitancy Highly Evident among Caregivers of Girls Attending South African Private Schools

Milondzo T, Meyer JC, Dochez C, Burnett RJ

Vaccines 2022, 10, 503.

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Misinformation drives low human papillomavirus vaccination coverage in South African girls attending private schools

Milondzo T, Meyer JC, Dochez C, Burnett RJ
Frontiers in Public Health. 2021: 9, 35


Comparison and acceptability of HPV self-collected cervical cancer samples versus doctor-collected samples in Africa: a systematic review.

Haile E.0L, Woldemichae GB, Lebelo RL, Bogers JP.

PAMJ-Clinical Medicine. 2020; 2(82).

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Cervical cancer screening and prevention

Mahlaba KJ, Nkwinika VV, Lebelo RL, Meyer JC, Burnett RJ.

S Afr Pharm J. 2020;87(4):53-60.

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Human papillomavirus prevalence in oral and oropharyngeal rinse and gargle specimens of dental patients and of an HIV-positive cohort from Pretoria, South Africa

Wood NH, Makua KS, Lebelo RL, Redzic N, Benoy I, Vanderveken OM, Bogers P.

Adv in Virology. 2020; ID 2395219 (10)

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Molecular Characterisation of a Rare Reassortant Porcine-Like G5P[6] Rotavirus Strain Detected in an Unvaccinated Child in Kasama, Zambia.

Maringa WM, Mwangi PN, Simwaka J, Mpabalwani EM, Mwenda JM, Peenze I, Esona MD, Mphahlele MJ, Seheri ML, Nyaga MM. 

Pathogens. 2020 Aug 17;9(8):663.

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Metagenomic Analysis of the Enteric RNA Virome of Infants from the Oukasie Clinic, North West Province, South Africa, Reveals Diverse Eukaryotic Viruses. 

Mogotsi MT, Mwangi PN, Bester PA, Mphahlele MJ, Seheri ML, O’Neill HG, Nyaga MM.

Viruses. 2020 Nov 5;12(11):1260. 

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Uncovering the First Atypical DS-1-like G1P[8] Rotavirus Strains That Circulated during Pre-Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction Era in South Africa.

Mwangi PN, Mogotsi MT, Rasebotsa SP, Seheri ML, Mphahlele MJ, Ndze VN, Dennis FE, Jere KC, Nyaga MM.

Pathogens. 2020 May 20;9(5):391.

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Whole Genome In-Silico analysis of South African G1P[8] Rotavirus Strains Before and After Vaccine Introduction Over A Period of 14 Years

Mwangi PN, Mogotsi MT, Seheri ML, Mphahlele MJ, Peenze I, Esona MD, Kumwenda B, Steele AD, Kirkwood CD, Ndze VN, Dennis FE, Jere KC, Nyaga MM.

Vaccines (Basel). 2020 Oct 14;8(4):609.

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Whole genome and in-silico analyses of G1P[8] rotavirus strains from pre- and post-vaccination periods in Rwanda.

Rasebotsa S, Mwangi PN, Mogotsi MT, Sabiu S, Magagula NB, Rakau K, Uwimana J, Mutesa L, Muganga N, Murenzi D, Tuyisenge L, Jaimes J, Esona MD, Bowen MD, Mphahlele MJ, Seheri ML, Mwenda JM, Nyaga MM. 

Sci Rep. 2020 Aug 10;10(1):13460.

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Vaccination against influenza saves lives–a 2021 update
Meyer JC, Sibanda M, Burnett RJ
Professional Nursing Today. 2021; 25 (1), 16-20

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Vaccination against influenza saves lives
Meyer JC, Sibanda M, Burnett RJ
SA Pharmaceutical Journal. 2020; 87 (2), 26-30

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Promoting healthy ageing in South Africa through vaccination of the elderly
Sibanda M, Meyer JC, Mahlaba KJ, Burnett RJ
Frontiers in Public Health. 2021; 9, 283

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Therapeutic interchange policies used in managing antimicrobial shortages in South African public sector hospitals.

Chigome AK, Matlala M, Meyer JC

Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice. 2020; 13(Suppl 1):28. 

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Compliance with South Africa’s Antimicrobial Resistance National Strategy Framework: are we there yet?

Engler D, Meyer JC , Schellack N , Kurdi A, Godman B. 

Journal of Chemotherapy. 2020. 

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Ongoing strategies to improve the management of upper respiratory tract infections and reduce inappropriate antibiotic use particularly among lower and middle-income countries: findings and implications for the future.

Godman B, Haque M, McKimm J, Abu Bakar M, …

 Curr Med Res Opin. 2020 Feb;36(2):301-327. 

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Communication regarding routine childhood vaccination.

Cooper S, Burnett RJ, Sambala EZ, Schmidt BM, Wiysonge CS. 

S Afr Med J. 2020;110(1):5-6.

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Communication to counter vaccine hesitancy
Meyer JC, Burnett RJ.
S Afr Pharm J. 2020; 87 (6), 39-41

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 Strengthening immunisation services in East Africa through training – Lessons from the ECAVI Vaccinology Course for healthcare workers

Malande OO, Afaayo R, Meyer JC, Musyoki AM, Burnett RJ.

Africa Health. 2020; 1

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Progress towards obtaining valid vaccination coverage data in South Africa

Burnett RJ, Dlamini NR, Meyer JC, Fernandes L, Motloung BR, Ndlovu TH, et al.
South African Journal of

Science 2019;115(5/6)

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Impact of vaccine stock-outs on infant vaccination coverage: a hospital-based survey from South Africa

Burnett RJ, Mmoledi G, Ngcobo NJ, Dochez C, Seheri LM, Mphahlele MJ

International Health 2018, ihy036

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Introduction of a new Vaccine into National Immunisation Programmes in Africa: The role of Capacity Building

Dochez C, Burnett RJ, Mphahlele MJ.

BMJ Global Health 2017;2(Suppl 2):A53

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