SAVIC members conduct (a) research on countering anti-vaccination lobbying in South Africa; (b) laboratory-based research on VPDs; and (c) research on improving vaccine supply and demand to prevent infectious diseases, as an important component of antimicrobial stewardship. In 2020, SAVIC members graduated 3 MPharm, 2 MSc, 1 MPH and 1 BSc honours students working in the field of VPDs, and supervised / co-supervised 7 PhD, 15 masters and 2 honours-level students working in the field of VPDs. 

Also, SAVIC members authored / co-authored several research outputs in the fields of social and behavioural issues related to vaccination supply and demand, and the epidemiology of VPDs. These included 10 international and 5 national journal publications, while the results of these studies were presented at local (2 presentations), national (9 presentations) and international (9 presentations) meetings during 2020. 

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